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National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) – Building 29B Lab Insectaries Modifications

Impyrian was awarded a contract to modify the NIAID Bldg 29b Lab Insectaries. NIAID was having problems controlling the temperature, humidity and diurnal lighting in the Lab Insectary chambers in building 29b. The Insectary chambers provide an environment where NIAID scientist can perform critical research on insects for the infectious disease research programs. Impyrian designed, spec’d and installed an automation system that provide a high-pressure fogging system, new controls and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as the solution. A high-pressure fog system utilizes a non-pressurized water line in conjunction with nozzles and a variable drive speed (VFD) pump to create fog inside the insectary chambers. Multiple fog zones were programmed with different humidity set points. Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control loops and custom programming language were written to control the fogging, temperature, and humidity levels. The insectary chambers are monitored, controlled, and alarmed by a Conviron head end system. Impyrian demolished the existing air handling unit flex duct and replaced it with hard Stainless-Steel ductwork with new insulation. We also installed air curtains, new humidifiers, a Microcool pumping system and a reverse osmosis water system as part of the full system solution. New sensors and controls were installed, tested, and commissioned for an automated and fully functional system to keep humidity, temperature and diurnal light levels at set points for the labs. The result was efficient cooling with adiabatic humidification that lowers operating costs, uses minimal energy, and saves money. The new system provides the ideal conditions and environment for the insects to be studied and allows NIAID to carry out their mission.