Engineering and Project Management

Impyrian specializes in construction project management, engineering, and subject matter expert consulting for Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), Central Utility Plants, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Energy Management Controls and Building Automation. Impyrian is made up of engineers, project managers, operations mangers and development professionals with years of experience in the engineering, construction and operations business for federal and state governments as well as commercial clients.

We offer a one-stop service to our clients from the development and throughout the design, procurement and construction phases of the project. In addition to project management, we emphasize on value engineering, energy efficiency design and production planning advisory in order to guarantee building quality standards and efficient building systems. Ensuring construction quality and safety, as well as meeting time and budget requirements are our top priorities.



Our Engineering and Construction Management Services include the following technical categories:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Subject Matter Expert Consulting
  • Design/Build
  • Energy Efficiency
  • MEP
  • Central Utility Plan
  • District Energy
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting development
  • Solar and Renewable Energy
  • Resource Efficiency Management (R.E.M)

Project Management

Our philosophy of project management covers the integrated management of all key components of a construction project such as Quality, Cost, Time, Contract, Organization, and Risks throughout all project phases. Our clients achieve the best project results by engaging Impyrian from the initial planning phases so we can have a positive influence on your project through the development and design stage, followed by the tendering phase and finally during construction and operations.

Development Stage

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Contract Management
  5. Scope Development
  6. Cost Management
  7. Scheduling
  8. Quality Management

Design Stage

  1. Concept Engineering
  2. Design review
  3. Constructability Assessments
  4. Value Engineering
  5. Energy Efficiency Engineering
  6. Life Cycle Planning

Procurement Stage

  1. Bid Process Management
  2. Time Management
  3. Contract management and negotiation assistance
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Quality management

Construction Phase

  1. Design/Build management
  2. Site Supervision
  3. Quality Control Management (QCM)
  4. Safety Management
  5. Cost Control
  6. Change Management
  7. Contract Compliance